Day Trips

Take a Day Trip in Style and Comfort

If you’re spending some time in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland area of Australia then you’ll appreciate that it doesn’t just offer a varied range of landscapes, it offers some serious driving distances.

One of the ways in which can you can make your stay in the Sunshine Coast even more relaxing is to have an experienced driver take you around for a day or two. It can often be a challenge, driving between attractions and venues in an unfamiliar area, not to mention the risk of getting lost and being late! Most children also tend to behave themselves in the back seat when someone other than Mum or Dad is driving – it’s the law…

A popular itinerary for tourists is to visit the Australia Zoo for the day. This is only a short hop if you’re staying in Maleny Montville, but if you’re nearer Brisbane then you might prefer to sit back and relax along the way. 

Having a driver to ferry you in between other popular tourist spots like Maleny Dairies and Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World also takes the effort out.

The Hinterland also has a lot of wineries to explore, so if you’re planning to do a wine tour at any point, driving is quite rightly out of the question! This is definitely a job for the drivers at Transfer 4U Sunshine Coast; let them take the strain while you try out the best wines this part of Australia has to offer.