Our Drivers

Our drivers are professional drivers with many years of experience. They are happy to assist with any questions you might have on the day. If you are new to the location, they can provide you with handy directions and / or local events.

We have local drivers who have the local knowledge of the best routes and the area regardless if it is airport transfer and / or trip to the well known beaches or hinterlands. You will feel comfortable knowing that you are in save hands of real professionals.

We are strong advocates of safe driving and safety of our passengers is at utmost priority for us. As part of our professionalism and customer reassurance, our drivers undertaking various training including:

Discrimination awareness in Queensland designed by Queensland Human Rights Commission. Each of our drivers is introduced to each section via online training. All of our drivers have to complete online assessment and successfully complete six parts of this online training including: identifying what is discrimination, relevant attributes, where discrimination can occur, other unlawful behaviours in Queensland, unlawful request for information and how to deal with discrimination.

Furthermore, to advance the knowledge of our drivers, each driver also undertakes Introduction to Disability Awareness provided by disabilityawareness.com.au. Each driver is introduced to each element of this online course including: identifying what is disability, language, terminology & communication, legislation & policy and disability in the community. All of our drivers have to successfully complete the online assessment and have the relevant knowledge in this area as well.