Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project is on its way!

Ready for take off? Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project is ready and all you need to do is to fasten your seatbelts!

Sunshine Coast Council is ready for take off with its largest construction project as Australia’s leading engineering firms received a green light to construct new 2450m x 45m runway worth around $225 million.

This exciting and long awaited construction project will contribute significantly into economic growth, which is estimated to contribute $4 billion to the local economy between 2020 to 2040. It will not only generate new jobs but will connect more Australian and international cities (including Asia and Western Pacific), stimulate tourism and local businesses export.

John Holland Group will construct new runway and they are just about to start with preparation of the site. John Holland Group is not new to the region. They have constructed Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital in Sunshine Coast between 2011 – 2013, which cost $105 million and they are also involved with new Maroochydore City Centre. They are also not new to the airport infrastructure as they have completed Melbourne Airport Terminal 2 expansion, Melbourne main runway widening, redeveloped Darwin Airport Terminal and refurbished Perth Qantas Domestic Terminal.

Sunshine Coast Airport expansion project should be completed by Christmas 2020. Project further include half-length parallel taxiway and expansion of the apron at the existing terminal, which will increase capacity from 4 up to 8 aircraft on deck.

63 hectares of land will be rehabilitated in effort to offset ecological impacts.

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